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Comedian Tyler Perry pays tribute to Milwaukee mother killed in domestic abuse case

Posted at 7:13 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 20:13:21-04

Tynesha Evans may be gone, but her family feels her presence. She gave them the gift of love and that's giving them strength.

"I want everyone to know that she had a good heart," said Kenya Bonds, Tynesha's younger sister.

The 45-year-old left behind three adult children and one teenager.

"She raised my siblings and I to be very close-knit," said Evans' 18-year-old daughter Sharadiant Turner. "That's very helpful in this time we're leaning on each other."

Evans' oldest daughter Audrey Turner says she was close to her mom.

"Literally my mom was my best friend so we did practically everything together," she said. "She was a loving mother and she would encourage us. She gave us courage to go and fight for our dreams."

Police say Evans was a victim of domestic violence.

The Milwaukee native lived in Atlanta and police say she was killed nearly two weeks ago by her on-and-off-again boyfriend. It allegedly happened outside the bank here she worked.

Now, her children hold tight to memories and each other. They hope to pass their mother's spirit onto their own offspring.

"I want the same thing she gave us, unconditional love," said Evans' only son Shawn Turner. "I want my kids to be as close as how we are close."

"She planted so much love and respect into me, I want my children to be the same," said Evans' youngest daughter Shakemia Turner.

Shockingly, Evans' children received no warning signs the man accused of killing their mom was violent, He'd been in their lives for three years.

"None of us saw this coming at all. He basically treated us like his children, " said Sharadiant. "He sent me money and that very same week he stole my mother's life."

Born out of this tragedy, kindness from a man they never met.

Comedian and producer Tyler Perry is helping the family pay rent, and pay for Sharadiant's college. She's majoring in math at Spelman.

"I really appreciate it," she said. "It's a blessing."

Evans' sister Kenya Bonds says her sister was a woman of faith. She was a pastor with several degrees who saw the good in everybody. Bonds will miss a lot about her sister.

"Her laugh, she always like to wear heels and she was six feet and she loved to wear 4 inch heels," said Bonds. "She loved to cook."

Shawn Evans says if he could see his mom again he would tell her that, "I love her, I need her and I hope I made her proud."