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Colgate farmer expects better yield of raspberries and blackberries this summer

Posted at 8:05 PM, Jul 11, 2018

Due to the long winter and the wet spring, this year's strawberry crop was a struggle to produce.

In Colgate, Wisconsin, for Roger Basse and his daughter, Sara and other family members, growing berries is not just about picking berries and eating them.  It's more about growing memories for families and visitors to their farm.

“Strawberries like it wet but when it has an extended period of wetness you know it seems like the plants get stunted or they just don’t produce as much,” said Basse.  

Now that strawberry season is over Basse is looking forward to a bigger and better raspberry and blackberry yield in the coming weeks.

When it comes to farming, every year is different due to the changes in weather.  Since raspberries and blackberries are up off the ground they have a better chance of surviving when there is too much rain.

“Well first they start out as green then they turn red then they turn like a darker purple and eventually if you can see this guy here they’re more of a blackberry and they got to be a little squishy too," Basse said. 

As long as the weather remains sunny and dry (not too wet), the berries will become ripe, ready for jam, pies and pastries.