Cold snap has ice fishers anxious to get out

Posted at 1:35 PM, Jan 14, 2016
The recent cold snap has ice fisherman anxious to get out on the lake, but those who monitor conditions said it's not safe to head out everywhere -- at least not yet.
There are some spots that are frozen over on Pewaukee Lake, and that's already attracting experienced fisherman like Charlie Hayes and Tony Hull.
"We usually just take baby steps out there and just take a drill and just test to see and once it gets to the point where it feels unsafe," Hull said.
Pewaukee police have a lake patrol unit, and so far they haven't been out on the lake because they said the entire lake isn't frozen over enough yet.
"We've had a period of time where there's been ice pockets forming, but in order for ice to cover the entire lake it requires many different things coming together, including the temperature, but also wind. The ice is never safe, it never is," Officer Jeff Lenius said.
Lenius said he knows there are local ice fisherman who are experienced and know what to look for. He said word of mouth helps them know which areas are safe.
"If you're going to go out on the ice, we're always recommending that people are going to the local bait shop, talk to the person behind the counter, get information about the current ice conditions," he said.

Aside from checking conditions, if you are heading out onto a frozen lake for any reason, experts said should always go with at least one other person and bring your cell phone with you.

"We go out there because we're eager to go and then we're more than willing to share information about it to other fisherman as well," Hull said.