Filmmaker claims responsibility for Green Bay's "creepy clown"

Clown sightings part of film marketing
Posted at 11:03 AM, Aug 09, 2016

The mystery of Green Bay's "creepy clown" is finally over.

A local filmmaker has stepped forward and claimed responsibility for Gags the Clown.

Some Green Bay residents were on edge after seeing the clown during late night hours.

Adam Krause says he's the  creator of the clown phenomenon. He said it was all part of a 10-day marketing plan to campaign for his upcoming short film that will be called "Gags."

Krause said in the Monday night Facebook post that all the photos used in the original viral post were photographed in May.

He also explained that no one was ever in danger during these photo shoots and safety was everyone's "number one priority."

Green Bay police had received complaint calls about the clown but said there was nothing they could do because the clown was not doing anything illegal.