Cleanup begins in Dodge County after heavy flooding

Area got at least six inches.
Posted at 12:25 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 17:20:27-04
MAYVILLE -- The cleanup begins after at least six inches of rain pummeled Dodge County Wednesday, forcing two schools in Mayville to evacuate.
One of those schools was St. John's Lutheran School. Firefighters and volunteers spent several hours filling and piling sandbags in front of the school to protect it from the rising water.
As the rain kept coming, students were also evacuated from Parkview Primary.
"It was definitely more than six inches. We have low lying areas here. I would say some areas were six to seven feet deep," said Chief Brad Marx with the Mayville Fire Department.
It's the most rain people in this community have seen in years. 
On Thursday, as employees worked to mop up the school, the students at St. John's had a day off. Some were dropped off at a nearby church for daycare. 
"We're making do. We're going ahead with our day. We're just trying to keep it a normal day." said  
Cassy Grulke with St. John's Lutheran School.
Water did creep into the lower level of the school soaking the gym floor.
Staff at the school is hoping classes will continue Friday.The principal said she will post the most up to date information on the schools Facebook page.  
Parkview Primary resumed classes Thursday.