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Claw for Claw: Brady Street bar features White Claw arcade game

Posted at 1:01 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 11:27:05-05

Jack's American Pub on Brady Street now has a White Claw claw machine called the 'Claw for Claw.'

It's the classic game we all know, move the joystick, position the claw and boom, press the button to see what you get. However, the prizes inside this machine might be more enticing than the typical teddy bear or stuffed trophy.

Inside the machine are various flavored White Claw drinks, as well as White Claw swag.

The game costs just $1 to play.

So get to Jack's and claw it up, but remember not to get behind the wheel after consuming your seltzer prizes.

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