City preps for "Doors Open Milwaukee"

Event allows residents to explore city in new ways
Posted at 8:28 PM, Sep 15, 2016

This weekend, Milwaukeeans will have the chance to explore the city in a different way- stepping into buildings they may not be able to check out otherwise at the annual "Doors Open Milwaukee."

"These are sites you might drive by every day and have always wanted to have access to," said Grace Fuhr, the Special Events Director for Historic Milwaukee.

A new sight available is the view from the rooftop deck of the Catholic Financial Life Building.

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  • "Come into the building and understand what we actually do here, but also have the opportunity to take on and view the city from a whole different vantage point," said Andrea Kincaid, the marketing director for Catholic Financial Life.

    Fuhr said the building could see thousands over the weekend, as Doors Open-goers often enjoy the highest sights most. From those, you can pick out many of the other 165 sites available during Doors Open Milwaukee; including the U.S. Bank building, the Bell Tower at City Hall, the Milwaukee Public Library  and the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on the Marquette University Campus.

    "We hope that doors open is an invitation to step outside of your daily comfort zone, explore a new neighborhood," said Fuhr.

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  • You can see older buildings, and new. 833 E. Michigan has been open for 6 months, giving many people a first look inside this weekend.

    "833 represents a new, a brand new image for the City of Milwaukee," said Keith Sexton, the Director of Security for the building.

    The all-glass building offers a new perspective on Downtown Milwaukee.

    "They're going to be able to look out and see the whole community around them," described Sexton. "They get to see what the change is going on in Milwaukee," he added.

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  • Fuhr said, in addition to interested Milwaukeans, she's heard from people as far as Los Angeles about seeing Milwaukee this weekend.

    "People are really excited to be from Milwaukee, to learn about their City and to share their city with friends from out of town," said Fuhr.

    You can plan your adventure her