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Children with special needs learn fire safety

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 18:42:18-04

Milwaukee firefighter Jeffery Freitag taught hearing and deaf families at Hear Wisconsin about the importance of fire safety Tuesday. 

While Freitag's audience of three, four, and five-year-olds may not have the longest attention span, their parents agree that it's important to come to these events. 

Father of two, Dominic Cardenas, says the one of one interaction with firefighters is important for his kids. These experiences are something that's better done then just said. 

"I want them to know what a firefighter looks like because I don't want them to be scared," said Cardenas."It's a costume, they're big, they're bulky. You know, I don't want them to ever hide from a firefighter if they ever do come in contact with one."

Mother Jamie Zamzow says her son Liam became more interested in firefighters after an emergency at the house brought first responders to their door. Zamzow says letter her son meet a firefighter is important. 

"Partially because I think any of the education around it is huge for him and he asks a lot of questions about it. I've noticed his curiosity is spiking," said Zamzow. 

Chris Kometer is the Director of Education Services at Hear Wisconsin, she says having the kids meet a firefighter is great because if they ever have to interact with one it won't be traumatic. Also, Kometer says having first responders interact with the deaf community is just an important bridge to make.  

"This is more specific in showing [children] everything that's important. [The kids are] going to help him get his gear on so they can so they won't be afraid of firefighters," said Kometer.