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Chase Briscoe raves about Road America

Posted at 8:10 PM, Aug 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-07 21:10:14-04

PLYMOUTH — Nearly every driver raves about Road America, in God's country. Add Chase Briscoe to the mix.

"First off, Road America, I can't say it enough, is such a nice facility," Briscoe said. "It's like you go to a state park and there's a race track there. It's just so beautiful. The fans are always awesome every time we go. And from the race track standpoint, I think it's really one of the best road courses in the country from in my opinion just because it has so many different elements. It has the long straightaways. The heavy braking zones. It has 90-degree corners. It has sweeping corners. It's fast, it's slow. It has elevation. It really has everything you look for in a road course."

It's two in two weeks for Chase Briscoe. He just raced a sports car at Road America last week and now he's back for the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Road racing somewhat of a new thing for him.

"I always enjoyed road racing. I hadn't even done it in until 2016. And you know, I enjoyed doing it. But I wasn't very fast at all," Briscoe says.

Now imagine this. It will be low to mid 80's during the race. But, let's let Briscoe describe inside the car.

"If you're getting in your street car after it's been sitting out in 100-degree weather all day, you obviously get in and it's hot," Briscoe said. "There's no movement of air whatsoever. Imagine doing that, and either leaving the air off for one where it just sits there and bakes because there's not a lot of movement of air in our cars in general. And then on top of that? Adding the heat to it. And blasting the full heat the whole time. And then my other example would probably be go get in the sauna. And put it on 130, 140 degrees. And go and wear you know, sweat pants, jeans, whatever, and a sweatshirt. Long sleeve underneath that. And put you know, something over your mouth where you can hardly breathe because with a helmet you don't have that great of airflow anyways so."

Hot action, inside and outside at Road America.

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