Cell phone video captures unauthorized vehicle driving on Oak Leaf Trail

Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-19 12:59:01-04
MILWAUKEE - A multi-use trail in Milwaukee may be being misused. Saturday, a video surfaced on social media showing what appears to be an unauthorized vehicle driving down Oak Leaf Trail. 
“It’s kind of scary to know maybe I’m not safe running on this path all the time," Jaclin Merell said. 
Merell frequents the trail when running for exercise. She said she's never witnessed an unauthorized vehicle driving on the path before, but after seeing the cell phone footage she now questions her safety.  
“That’s pretty alarming since I run a lot on that path," Merell said. "And that’s kind of scary since I have headphones [in] a lot. If [a car] was coming behind me I probably wouldn’t hear it."
Others might not hear a car coming either or expect in the least. Sam Bracey, who walks the trail to work, said that’s because cars have no business on Oak Leaf Trail, and if they’re unsure they should simply look across the street.
“They should know there’s a street with cars on it right next to [the trail], and they should probably drive on that," Bracey said. 
The video was captured Friday and shared to social media by Facebook user, Stacy Ann, Saturday. 
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