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Celebrating our local cheese-makers on National Cheese Curd Day

Scray's Cheese Co. cheese curds
Posted at 8:16 PM, Oct 15, 2021
and last updated 2022-01-31 14:01:57-05

Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese in Luxemburg can proudly say it has some of the best cheese curds on the planet.

“We've really been knocking out of the park with our curds recipe, ”Ben Shibler, Operations Manager. "They're delicious. I mean, it is one of the simplest, the best tasting forms of cheese out there.”

This summer, Ron’s curds took first place at the Wisconsin State Fair, and three weeks ago, they took first and second at the World Dairy Expo.

“What makes our curds so good is honestly the freshness of the milk," said Shibler. "Our production facility is right on the farm in Kewaunee, so the milk is about two minutes old tops, so when we actually start the cheese making process, it doesn't get stored, hauled, pumped and then processed a day or two later, so the freshness of the milk is 100% our key ingredient.”

For some of our local curd makers, like Scray Cheese Co. in De Pere, cheese is family.

“We've been making cheese ever since 1924," said Kayla Motkowski, Vice President. "My great grandfather started the business. So we're making them the same way. That's why they still are the best curds in town, and in Wisconsin.”

Scray Cheese sells around a hundred bags of curds every day.

“I think cheese curds are special in Wisconsin because it's a fresh product," said Motkowski. "It's something you can't really get in other parts of the United States and our milk is the best here. We have happy cows, they like the climate, they make the best or the best milk that you can get, so it makes the best product that makes the best cheese.”

Ron's and Scray's both have a variety of different curds, from classic cheddar cheese curds, to white and yellow, to flavored curds like dill, garlic, cajun, bacon and french onion. Everyone has their favorite though.

“My favorite type is the regular old cheese curds," said Shibler. "And I'm a little spoiled because I make them every day. So, about ten minutes after they're salted right out of the vat is probably the best, period, anyone's ever gonna have.”

For National Cheese Curd Day, Ron's will be offering a sale on fresh curds; bags will be sold for $3.99 each.