Duran Skills & Trade carpentry program sees first graduating class

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 08, 2016
Friday marked the first official graduation from the Duran Skills & Trade carpentry program.
Tracy Mannery is among the first group of carpenters to graduate from the 12-week program.
"I didn't even know how to read a tape measure before this class," Mannery said. "Now I can read tape measures, build walls, roofs. It was incredible."
The program is run by Kevin Duran Teasley and his wife, Tameka. Together, they are giving to the students as much as they are getting in return.
"It's investing in me watching them have careers. That's my investment, to watch them be successful," Duran Teasley said.
The Teasley's fund the program themselves. It is based out of St. Francis of Assisi church at 1927 N. 4th Street.
Father Mike Bertram is pastor there and shared some inspiring words for graduates.
"People say 'well, you've had some time, you've had some experience. What hope is there in the central city?' I think it rests on two things. It rests on education and it rests on jobs, and I think that's what we're celebrating here today in the lives of these graduates."
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