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Carmen Schools offering students haircuts for good grades, attendance

Posted at 8:42 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-04 15:27:18-04

Carmen Middle School of Science and Technology, South Campus has a new way of rewarding its students in the classroom.

The new student initiative is called "Fades for Grades," and it allows students to receive haircuts by reaching grade and attendance markers.

The goal of "Fades for Grades" is to allow "young men of color, especially those growing up in challenging circumstances, to recognize their full potential and self-worth."

“Already within the first two weeks of grade and achievement tracking we saw a positive shift and added motivation for students," said Adrian Hererra, executive director of Fades For Grades MKE and a teacher at Carmen. "We are proud of these students and the strides they are making, and look forward to the continued growth and community partnership."

For more information on the initiative, click here.