Carjacking victim remembered 1 year after death

Posted at 12:15 PM, Jul 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-23 13:24:30-04
MEQUON -- Family and friends remember Rebecca Wood, a woman who was shot and killed one year ago Saturday in an attempted carjacking. 
Dozens gathered in Mequon for a balloon release in Wood’s honor. Painful memories flashed back for her father Greg Wood. 

"It hasn't left my mind since day one,” he said. ”She was my baby, she was daddy's little girl." 
Last July, Wood was in her car at 28th and Clarke when four men attempted to rob her at gunpoint. 
"Rebecca was sitting at a stop sign when they got her,” said Wood. 
The gunman shot her twice while she tried to drive away. 
"The hardest thing to accept is she lost her life for $20, and the $20 they got from her, they went and bought cigarettes and a couple bags of weed,” said Wood. 
The life of a 32-year-old was cut short, her two children were left without a mother and her father continues to suffer as he watched the men involved sentenced for the crime.  
"I'm living in hell, I'm living in a nightmare that is never going to end,” said Wood. 
The hugs that were shared at the balloon release may not heal the family’s pain, the large crowd who paid tribute showed how many were touched by Wood.