Card skimmer found on Oak Creek gas pump

Posted at 10:17 AM, Jan 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-15 11:17:47-05

Oak Creek police are investigating a card skimmer that was found on a gas station pump earlier this month.

On January 3, employees at Mobil Gas Station on S. 27th discovered one of their pumps was the target of a crook. Police arrived to find the skimmer on the inside of the credit card compartment of a gas pump.

Although the skimmer was removed, some customers are still taking extra precautions.

"I do use my debit card a lot, but I used cash this time," said David Abramowski of Racine.

"Don't use your debit card or your credit card because they're going to get you," added Peter Balstrie of Milwaukee.
Balstrie said he learned that lesson the hard way.

"A couple years ago I had it happen to me once," he said.

According to, skimmers capture details stored on the card's magnetic strip as they’re entered to make a purchase. Thieves often use the stolen data to make fraudulent charges and may even sell the card's details over the internet.
"If I need money I walk in the bank (and) get my money out of the bank," Balstrie said.

While police continue to investigate, some customers worry more skimmers might now be in the area.

"I hope they get caught," Abramowski said.
"I really do and I hope that they do really something to him instead of saying ‘don't do it anymore, here's a year's probation,’” added Balstrie.

Police say customers who have filled up recently at this gas station should check their bank statements.

An employee inside Mobil Gas Station declined to comment.

Although the skimmer was on the inside of the pump, others can be placed on the outside. The best advice is to gently wiggle the card reader before using it. If it's loose do not use that pump and notify a store employee.