Car thieves strike Valley Forge home while family sleeps

Posted at 10:12 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 07:37:49-04

Thieves on a car stealing spree struck a Milwaukee home while the family was inside sleeping, even though they locked their cars, home, and windows.

"It's horrifying to think of all the possibilities that could have happened," said Reuben Rock.

Rock was sleeping upstairs with his wife and two-year-old while crooks broke into his home in Milwaukee's Valley Forge neighborhood earlier this month.  The Great Dane on the couch didn't even wake up. 

"I actually didn't know anything happened until my wife came upstairs in the morning and asked did you leave the kitchen window open for some reason last night," Rock said.

Police told Rock a couple people were in a stolen car and ran out of gas near his home.  They abandoned the car and found more to steal.

"At some point they must have looked through our kitchen window and saw our car keys sitting on the kitchen counter," Rock said.

The thief crawled through the window and over the sink.

"They would have to fit through such a small space that it had to be like a child that came through the window," Rock said.

Rock said the thieves took credit cards, a cellphone, keys and two new cars with car seats inside.

"It's disappointing that this is how young people in Milwaukee choose to spend their time and there seem to be very little consequences for it.  But I hope on a personal level that somebody comes into their life at some point and gives them some inspiration or some reason to do better," Rock said.

The family has since replaced locks, doors, added better blinds and an outside camera.

"This isn't a fun way to spend your time.  It's actually hurtful to the victims," he said.

Police found both cars.  Rock said one is totaled.

Police said there have been 471 reports of stolen cars in August.  This isn't just happening in Milwaukee.  Oak Creek Police said nine cars have been stolen over the last month.  Franklin Police said seven cars have been taken from their community.