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Car crashes into home in Wauwatosa

Nobody injured in crash
Posted at 9:00 AM, Jan 04, 2018

A car crashed into a home Thursday morning near 60th & Wells in Wauwatosa. 

Photos from the Wauwatosa Fire Department show the front end of the car smashed into the brick exterior of the front of the house.

The vehicle made it about six feet into the building. 

The home suffered structural damage, but no one was hurt. 

Investigators believe the crash was caused by a mechanical issue with the car.

"The driver of the vehicle reported a mechanical issue may have occurred causing the accelerator to stick," the Wauwatosa Fire Department said in a news release. 

According to firefighters, the home's owner and one family member were inside the house when the crash happened. 

The Wauwatosa Building Department is on the scene evaluating the damage. 

Todd Halbur and other workers from Belfor Property Restoration were called in by the homeowner's insurance company to stabilize the front of the building. 

"The support system in the front of the house was cracked in half," Halbur said. 

"It's kind of like a broken leg. You have to put a cast on it to kind of support it until it can mend," Halbur added. 

He estimated the repairs will cost $50-thousand to $100-thousand to complete and take one to two months.