Candy Cane Lane opens for the season

Posted at 11:21 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-26 20:30:23-05

WEST ALLIS -- A favorite holiday tradition kicked off once again Friday night.

Candy Cane Lane is open in West Allis, a place the Adams' have been going for years. This was the first time they brought their kids.

"It's been exciting seeing Christmas, and the lights, and the holiday spirit through their eyes," said Lucy Adams.

"She just gets excited with all the lights and all the characters and everything she sees," explained David Adams.

Newlyweds who used to live in the neighborhood before moving to Germany are home for the holidays, and helping collect donations for the MACC Fund.

"You just want to spread the joy and help people and especially kids," said Melanie Radliff, volunteer.

"I think it's for a great cause helping find a cure for childhood cancer," said Joe Radliff, volunteer.

Around 300 homes from Montana Avenue to Oklahoma Avenue and 96th to 92nd participated this year.  Pat Wolf helped start Candy Cane Lane in 1984.

"A neighbor's daughter had childhood cancer, and also a neighbor's son, so we just decided to do something. We were out here being silly, people gave us money, and we needed someplace to go so we chose Children's Hospital," explained Pat Wolf, neighbor.

She's seen the event get bigger every year, along with her display.

"It just warms your heart," said Wolf.

The Bonilla family is new to the neighborhood. They decorated their home and took their first stroll down Candy Cane Lane Friday.

"It's beautiful," said Evalinda Bonilla, neighbor.

"They were very creative," explained Zaara Bonilla, neighbor.

They say it's even better than they imagined.

"They're so proud of having this tradition and I'll be part of that too so I'm very happy," said Evalinda Bonilla.

Candy Cane Lane is free.  Donations go to the MACC Fund. More than $1.6 million has been raised over the years. Get more information here.