Camp helps kids of police officers killed in the line of duty

Camp gives kids safe place to process their grief
Posted at 6:10 AM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 10:20:05-04
A camp in southeast Wisconsin is helping kids across the country who have lost a police officer parent in the line of duty.
The camp gives children a safe place to process their grief. Plus, for some it's the first time they have been around other kids who have hugged a mom or dad goodbye when they leave for work and never got the chance to see them again.
"He was in a car chase and he got shot in the opening of his vest," says Samantha Stewart, explaining how her dad was killed.
Caden Reed stood next to his mom hiding his face as she recounts how his dad died.
"Shot," says Holly Reed, Caden's mom. "He was trying to apprehend a murder suspect."
Samantha Stewart and Caden Reed are both 11-years-old and both have lost their fathers while they were on the job. They are now a part of Concerns Of Police Survivors or C.O.P.S. and are regulars at the kids camp. 
"It makes me feel comfortable talking about it because I know there is other people just like me," says Samantha who has been coming to camp since she was six years old.
Samantha's dad was a New York City Police detective. After he was killed, the family says there was a lot of built in support for them but the kids still needed help. For the Reed family they had their own obstacles.
"We came from a small community who had never lost an officer," says Holly Reed.
For Caden it was a struggle. 
"It was pretty hard at first but it got better," says Caden.
Both families say the anti-police commentary that is happening in the country hurts, but they tell their kids their dads were men who died protecting their community. 
"My husband was a positive person, we are positive people and we look at the opportunity to serve as a police officer as something positive, something you can do for your community," says Leslyn Stewart.
The camp is not just fishing and hiking, they also offer group therapy and counseling for the kids and parents.