Cab driver believes he picked up men who ran from fatal crash in Milwaukee

Posted at 10:29 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 23:46:16-04

MILWAUKEE -- A cab driver believes he picked up the two men who ran from a crash that killed three women riding in the back of an Uber. While the suspected driver turned himself in, police are still looking for the passenger.

"Neither one of them had any visible scratches on them so I didn't think twice about taking them in my cab," said cab driver Pat Hanley.
Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Hanley was getting ready to call it a night. He was parked outside the Amtrak Station near 5th and St. Paul when he decided to pick up another ride. 
"These guys came running up from the East and they were out of breath," he said.
The cab driver asked his two passengers what was wrong. 
"They told me they were out of breath because their car had just been jacked," explained Hanley. 
He suggested they call the police.  
"The guy said no we've been drinking. We'll call them in the morning," he said.
Hanley dropped his riders off at 9th and Arthur. He didn't think about their unusual behavior again until Sunday evening when he heard about the fatal crash at 2nd and Clybourn on the radio. He learned two men ran from the scene. 
"I realized these are the guys. It had to be them. They came from the East, they were out of breath, they were running," Hanley said. 
The driver said he was floored.  
"I was driving when I heard it on Lake Drive. I had to pull over and collect myself," he said.
Hanley called police and turned over video from inside the cab of the two people he thinks ran from the tragic accident. 
A search warrant shows police found three cell phones, rolling papers and Adderall pills inside the Lexus that allegedly blew a red light and crashed into the Ford Fusion.