Burlington residents fear deja vu as rain pours following floods

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 23:18:06-04

As the rain falls in Burlington people prepare for what could be a second round of high water and flooded basements, just a week after the city saw historic flood levels.

Some of the city's flood victims said if it happens again it could delay the cleanup efforts.

"Everyone's kind of tired from the first wave," said Jeff Taff.

TODAY’S TMJ4 first spoke to Taff during the floods on July 12. He had found sump pumps running trying to stay ahead of the water pouring into his basement.

People still have piles of flood debris sitting on the curb along with sandbags. Now they have to decide if they should move them back to protect their homes.

"By now what's the worst that can happen," said Taff who lives next to the Fox River.

TODAY's TMJ4 first met Joseph Solik on July 13 when the flood waters were waist-high in his basement.

Now it's dry, but gutted. He has already torn out his drywall and replaced his furnace and water heater.

"If it filled up it would definitely be a major setback," Solik said.

He did have those lifted so if a little water comes in they won't be destroyed. But most people are feeling optimistic they will miss the worst of the rains.

"Hopefully lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place," Solik said.

Friday evening the river was at 10 feet. The Fox River is supposed to reach nearly 13 feet, which would put it at moderate flood stage. It will take until Sunday to rise to level following the rain.