Burlington flood victims thankful during Thanksgiving

BURLINGTON - Some Burlington families are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday in their homes something they didn't think possible several months ago after historic flooding.

They've spent months recovering. Many homes in Burlington have had serious damage.

When we first met Richard Cassidy four months ago, most of his home was under water.

"This was a total nightmare, total nightmare," said Cassidy.

His home was one of the hardest hit in SE Wisconsin and throughout the recovery process it was hard to survive.

"When you lose everything you've got, it's tough. It's tough, I'll be honest," Cassidy said.

“Sleeping in hotels, sleeping in people's basement, not knowing what tomorrow's going to bring, that hurts."

After months of repairs Cassidy’s home is back and better than it ever was. They have a new basement, new flooring and plenty of upgrades.

"A lot of blood sweat and tear to get it back up,' he said.”Now it makes you appreciate your home more. You really appreciate it more."

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Tomorrow is going to be great. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely wonderful," said Cassidy. "We're going to celebrate Thanksgiving here."

At a home that he almost lost this summer, he's grateful.

‘'It's going to be the whole nine yards; we're going to have everything, the mash potatoes, the gravy, the turkey, the ham, sweet potatoes, yeah,” he said.

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