Burlington flood victims empathize with those affected by Harvey

Posted at 5:10 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 18:11:17-04

With what’s going on in Texas, the Burlington community empathizes with the Gulf Coast and now seven weeks later they’re still in recovery mode.

Last month SE Wisconsin was hit hard by flooding, leaving some homes with severe water damage. The historic flooding in July caused water damage to roofs, while also flooding out families basements and first floors.

Doug McCarthy and his family weren’t expecting it.

“It’s tough but you just get back up and keep going. It’s a work in progress,” McCarthy said.

His family is still replacing the wreckage from last month's flooding.

“It just destroyed so many things,” he said.

Re-doing a basement where lots of valuable things like pictures, furniture and clothes were lost. That’s why he feels for fellow Americans in Texas going through the catastrophic flooding.

“You see houses of water up to the roofs, I can’t imagine how they can deal with that,” McCarthy said.

The aftermath is leaving feet of water for days, bringing back devastating memories for Shannon Spencer.

“It’s the worst feeling that anyone can ever have in their entire life,” Spencer said.

Since then her family has done little. They have flood insurance but are still waiting to receive their claim.

“It’s extremely rough. Beyond difficult is probably the easiest way to say it,” she said.

But she’s grateful to still be alive. In Texas more than a dozen people have died from the historic storm.

“My hearts and prayers go out to every single one of them,” Spencer said.

Sadly families tell me some Burlington neighbors had to leave because of the damage. Some are still waiting to see if they qualified for the Small Business Administration Loans.