Burlington family reluctantly evacuates house due to flooding

Posted at 7:40 PM, Jul 13, 2017

Things in Burlington are improving slowly but steadily after flash floods tore through the town Wednesday.

It's been really devastating to see, lots of destruction caused by the flooding. A day later standing water is an issue taking away people's possessions.

Feeling helpless Richard and Laura Cassidy had to take a step back from the flooding.

"We don't know what to do right now. This is a disaster, you never realize what you've got to it's gone and it hurts," Richard said.

Their house is now an island surrounded by flooding from Fox River, with fish swimming in their front yard.

"It's devastating, it's really devastating," Richard said.

The couple has lived here for five years now. They love the water and dreamed of staying here for the rest of their lives.

Now that dream may be over, as they don't know if they'll ever be allowed to move back in.

Wednesday they tried to salvage anything they could.Their basement is fully flooded and there's a couple feet of water on their first floor.

"All the way through the bedrooms and the dining room and hallway and kitchen," Richard said.

For now they say the National Guard won't allow them inside and they don't know when the next time they'll step foot in.

"We don't know because they're saying this is all contaminated and we don't even know when or if our structurally sound," he said.

So now it's just waiting and the Cassidy's plan to find a place to temporarily stay until it's safe to go back in.

"We are out of luck right now," Richard said.

Just like many families here, they don't have flood insurance so they'll basically be starting from scratch.They were only able to save a few documents, pictures, clothes and pets.