Burglars targeting specific homes in Germantown

String of six burglaries in past week
Posted at 6:51 AM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 08:34:57-04
GERMANTOWN -- Burglars are targeting specific homes with one thing in common.
"Right now we think we're at the point in time where Asian and Indian people that live in Germantown really need to know that their homes are being targeted," said Germantwon Police Chief Peter Hoell.
A string of six burglaries in Germantown this past week all happened during the day when no one was home.
"Out of all six there was not one single factor that connected them other than that ethnicity," Hoell said.
Police don't believe the burglars know their victims personally. 
"We think that they're maybe doing some homework, if they're specifically targeting Asian and Indian names, by looking at last names and the way it's spelled," Hoell said.
The crooks hit up two homes Monday.  A family who doesn't want to be identified said learning why they were targeted stirs up many emotions. 
"It's really terrible what they did and really frustrating," one victim said.
A recent high school graduate was the first to enter their home following the break-in. He said the burglars stole his graduation money. 
"All the drawers were pulled out and clothes were thrown, so it was obvious that someone was in our house that wasn't supposed to be," he said.
The thieves are taking cash, jewelry and other small valuables. Police said they believe they know why the burglars are targeting these homes. 
"We do, but if we release that information that's going to compromise our investigation," Hoell said.
Hoell said he wants the public to be alert.  If you see something, you're asked to call police at (262) 253-7780.