Bud Selig shares stories and memories of Sherman Park

He played baseball in Sherman Park frequently
Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 21:32:26-04

Former Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig grew up in the Sherman Park area, and spent time with Carole Meekins discussing the neighborhood he once knew.

He shares, "I have very fond memories of Sherman Park. It was just a placeto  go if you if you wanted to be involved in sports. So it became really really critical to the neighborhood, very peaceful, very quiet, very important."

Bud Selig is credited with bringing major league baseball back to Milwaukee. It was Selig who sprea-headed the building of Miller Park. His love of the game began when he played ball in Sherman Park as a young man.

Selig recalls, "I can't tell you there was a lot of diversity there, cause it wasn't. But it was a was a beehive of activity. There was a lot of baseball played there. It was a wonderful park."

Selig is a member of the Washington High School Hall of Fame. He credits the school as laying a great foundation for his later success. Selig reminisces, "Washington High School in those days was rated as one of the best high schools in America. It was a really really good school. I look back on those days as really important, wonderful."

But he adds, "It was also a very tough school. I found Washington High School tougher than the University of Wisconsin."

Selig admits that seeing the turmoil in Sherman Park this summer has been painful.

"As soon as I saw Sherman Park it just brought back a lot of memories. It was emotional."

Selig reflects on what he hopes for the new generation growing up in today's Sherman Park. "I know how good it was for us, and how important it was for us. I hope in this generation it can play the same constructive role in their lives."

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