Bucks paying stipends for student construction training

Team needs skilled laborers for new arena
Posted at 6:23 PM, Apr 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 19:24:21-04

The new Bucks arena plans to invest in potential employees by paying them to receive necessary training.

The Milwaukee Business Journal reportedthat the Bucks arena will pay a training stipend to 200 students from MPS and MATC.

According to senior reporter Rich Kirchen at the Milwaukee Business Journal who has been working on this story, those behind the construction of the new Bucks arena have found that many young adults need training in skilled trades, but can’t afford to leave their current jobs for that training.

The Bucks are going to use $375,000 set aside for workforce training to provide a stipend for students graduating from MPS and MATC so they can attend a roughly four week training program.

The city of Milwaukee has also contributed money for this program, however, as the Milwaukee Business Journal reports, the Bucks haven't said yet how much the stipend will be.

“It clearly needs to be enough so that a young person wouldn't think ‘Oh I can work at Summerfest or something and make more money and not do this training’,” Kirchen said.

Some of the people who go through this training program could work on the actual arena project, but the Milwaukee Business Journal says the Bucks are looking five to 10 years down the line at all of the additional construction projects in the entire arena district.

As part of an agreement with the city, the Bucks have to hire 40 percent of their workforce from the city of Milwaukee, and according to the latest available numbers they are meeting that goal.

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