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Bucks guard George Hill to host holiday bash to help military families

George Hill
Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 16, 2021

THIENSVILLE, Wis. — George Hill is a man of action. The Bucks guard wants military families to know he's thinking of them during this Christmas season with the G3 Holiday Bash on Sunday night at Shully's in Thiensville.

Hill prefers little publicity for his charity. He does it to spread the word so others get the help they need.

"They sacrifice their life day in and day out," Hill says. "For us to breathe this fresh air and to play this sport that we're playing, to do my job and to even do your job, to be in a safe environment."

Hill wants to help our military in need, because he's heard the heartbreaking stories.

"Their humvee gets hit by an IED," Hill says. "And four people in their platoon die, and they're the only lone survivor. They come back and they're getting evicted from their house because their wife lost their job because she's too busy trying to take care of him. Or they don't have enough transportation to get the kids back and forth to school. Or they're losing their house, or can't buy Christmas presents for their family."

Hill has uncles and cousins in the military. His wife Samantha has one brother retired from the Navy and the other is serving overseas in the Air Force. It's why he wants to help those that serve and protect our freedoms.

"Everyone always asks me, what are the main things that I want to do in my career," Hill says. "And for a second, they say you didn't wanna win a championship. I said yeah, a championship is great. You take it with you forever, but also wanna be the teammate of the year one time in my whole career and the community assists award winner overall in my career. I think those two things mean more to me than just a plain championship."

Hill is in the middle of a 54 straight day challenge of daily acts of kindness, from Thanksgiving to Martin Luther King Day.

"It doesn't have to be something that you broadcast," Hill says. "I'm not a big person that wants to show everyone hey, look what I'm doing every day. That's not me. I try to lead by example."

Bottom line? George just wants everyone to say thanks to those that serve.

"The door is open for everyone to come out," Hill says. "You don't have to buy a whole table. You can just buy a seat. You can go or Any donation or just coming in and shaking hands and telling these men and women, thank you for all you do."

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