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Brother of Dontre Hamilton suing Milwaukee County over job application

He was told he was not qualified for the MCTS
Posted at 8:32 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-03 13:08:26-05

Dameion Perkins applied to be a bus tanker/cleaner with the Milwaukee County transit system in 2016 but he believes his public criticism of the Milwaukee Police Department following his brother's death is denying him that opportunity.

He says the position would have given him a better opportunity to provide for his family.

"I wanted this job because of me .. my history my work ethic," Perkins said.

He had a phone interview and was confident he was on his way to the next step until he learned he would not be hired.

"Everything was going good. They checked out my resume, they said I had good work history," he said "...After the interview I was no longer know as Dameion Perkins, I was known as Dontre Hamilton's brother."

Even after Perkins was under the impression he didn't qualify, he says he got a call from the human resources department to come in and discuss his application.

"This was no interview, they wanted to know what and who I knew. I felt very uncomfortable," he said. 

In a declaration filing, a former county human resources employee testified not only did HR managers refer to Dameion as "Dontre's brother" but also she was ordered to write Perkins a letter stating that MCTS had selected another more qualified candidate.

That was false, as MCTS had not filled the position.

Milwaukee County corporation counsel Maggie Daun said in a statement:

"The county believes Mr. Perkins' claims to be meritless and looks forward to proving that in court. Beyond that, the County will not comment further on pending litigation."

Meanwhile, Perkins wants the courts to right what he believes is wrong.

"Me and my family had to fight hard for getting justice for Dontre now I am getting justice for myself."