Brookfield parents mourn Green Beret killed in Afghanistan

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 01, 2016

BROOKFIELD -- A Gold Star family is opening up about their loved one who was killed in Afghanistan.  

"He wanted people to have hope, hope for something different in the future, hope for a better life.  That's why he chose the job he chose," said Mark Thompson, his father.

A Green Beret in the Army Special Forces, 28-year-old Staff Sergeant Matthew Thompson was killed last Tuesday.

"An IED or multiple IEDs were tripped, and one of them took his life in a blink of an eye," explained Thompson.

Matt grew up in Waukesha County.  He graduated from Brookfield Central High School in 2006, where a flag is displayed at half staff.  Matt spent two years at Marquette before going to Concordia University in California.  It was there he met the love of his life, Rachel.  Shortly after college he joined the army.

"That's what he was supposed to do.  He loves adventure, he loved what he did," said Lynda Thompson, Mother. 

Matt's parents learned their son died supporting his teamates and another group of soldiers in search of freedom.

"He was doing what he loved to do," said Mark Thompson.

When Matt was home in April he told his dad he loved his wife, he loved his job and he would do life the same way a thousand times over.

"I told him then you've done the right thing, you've done the right thing."

The Thompsons are clinging to their faith during this heartache.

"You have to accept that this is the way it is and good will come out of it," said Lynda Thompson.

Matt's parents say their son was smart.  He worked as a medic in the army, but also had the skills of a vet and a dentist.  He spoke many languages.  His family will miss Matt's adventurous spirit, his smile and his hope.  Matt leaves behind his wife, his parents and two younger sisters Karen and Robyn.