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Brookfield high school student training in the sport of luge for 2026 Olympic Games

Posted at 10:37 PM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-14 10:28:38-04

MILWAUKEE — It is an Olympic year - not the Winter Games, but it feels like it. We catch up with Marcus Mueller, who's training in the sport of luge.

Brookfield's Marcus Mueller is working on his craft.

"My start and position on the sled, is definitely, definitely the big ones," Marcus Mueller says.

For the last two months, the teen has been in Lake Placid, New York training in luge.

"I definitely want to get up to men's start in singles and doubles - we've been exceeding. We've been doing really well in doubles, so those are two big goals," Mueller says. "It's very encouraging. Even working out, and getting bigger is so, so encouraging and seeing how much my start time has improved and just being a better slider."

His increased strength and skill are noticeable.

"Yeah, definitely getting used to the tracks," Mueller says. "Of course, getting faster. Growing more. Getting better. Definitely all helps and that's just all the preparation into the upcoming years."

As well as his speed.

"With singles, I go about 70 miles per hour. And with doubles, about the same also," Mueller says.

And with the Summer Games around the corner, the Olympics and even winter sports are on the brain.

"Yeah, it's definitely crazy," Mueller says. "And to have both Olympics come. It's pretty cool though. There's definitely a lot more intensity through the program, now that the Olympic years are coming. A lot more people trying to get better, trying to get faster. So it helps me improve because I get to compete up with them."

As a sophomore in high school, the goal for Marcus is the 2026 Games.

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