Boy Scouts in Oconomowoc sleep outside during snowstorm

Posted at 3:52 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 01:03:46-04

OCONOMOWOC -- On a night where most were indoors staying warm, a group of Boy Scouts spent the night outside to bring awareness to the homeless problem in Oconomowoc. 

About 20 Scouts and their leaders set up a makeshift box city in Downtown Oconomowoc. The Scouts' "Barebones Camp" included cardboard boxes and tarps.  

“This is tough. I can’t imagine people living through this every day. This is their daily conditions,” said Hunter Collins, one of the Scouts.

“It’s really to show there are homeless people in our community and it’s a hard truth to face,” said Scout Jackson Higbee. “There are actually people out there that have no choice to be out here.” 

The camp included a shelter made of cardboard boxes and tarps.

Most of the boys wore two layers of clothing and brought warm comfortable sleeping bags. 

“I was going to do this in October and our troop leader said you should probably put it in April when it’s nicer out," said Michael Higbee.  "So we picked April and I think it feels like December."

There are 26 churches in Waukesha County working together to offer homeless families shelter. 

The  Boy Scouts won’t earn a badge for their effort.  Instead, they’re putting together a report and will deliver it to area churches.