Racine Boy Scouts hurt in crash need help

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jul 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-29 23:51:10-04

A Racine Boy Scout troop is recovering from a bad crash in northern Wisconsin. The troops' two SUVs hit each other, one rolling several times. It sent most of the troop to the hospital though they are now recovering. But as the boys were talking about their next big campout they were dealt another blow. They might not be able to go because they lost everything in the crash.

Some of the boys from Troop 225 were screaming camp songs while recording a video before it happened. The video was made right as they were driving back from a Boy Scout Camp near Green Bay. Billie Mojonnie , Boy Scout committee chair of Troop 225, thought listening to five boys yell out camp songs for hours would be the worst part of the drive, but it was only a short while later when a crash happened.

"Our car with the trailer left he road, and we flipped multiple times and the SUV behind us landed partially on top of us," says Mojonnier.

Everyone in the SUV was hurt. Mojonnier had a broken rib, the driver got 11 staples in his head. Shawn Pelletier, 15, one of the scouts, needed to have his ear sewn back on. Another scout was airlifted to a local hospital because of a serious head injury.

"We were bruised up. And I think physically those are healing fast," says Mojonnier.

Seven people went to the hospital that day. Everyone is back home recovering.  But their leaders had some bad news, they lost everything in the trailer. 

"The stuff we use to go camping without this stuff we won't be able to go camping," says Shawn Pelletier, Boy Scout.

The boys were already talking about their next trip which was just a few weeks away. But they no longer have any tents, sleeping bags and stoves. The boys even lost their scout uniforms. Their leaders told them the trip is now up in the air. 

"Now we don't know if we are going to go or not because of what happened," says Pelletier. 

The scouts from around the area have offered to let the boys borrow some of their camping equipment and their trailer but the troop says they will need their own. If you would like to help you can make a donation to them at Troop 225 c/o United Methodist Christ Church, 5109 Washington Ave., Racine WI 53406 or you can email them by clicking here.