Boston Stores begin liquidation sale

Posted at 5:14 PM, Apr 20, 2018

Boston Store is preparing for the end as Friday marked the beginning of its going out of business sale. 

The only empty parking spots in front of Boston Store at Southridge were covered by snow piles. Shari Jackson was one of hundreds on a mad dash for deals. 

“I got a pair of shoes and I got a purse,” she said. 

Signs on all the doors do the explaining, everything must go. Jackson has been a loyal customer for several decades. She said Friday afternoon would likely be her last visit. 

“It’s sad and strange,” Jackson said. “I’m not one of the people who go on the Internet and shop, I’d rather come look at it, try it on and see if I like it.” 

Boston Store’s parent company Bon-Ton filed for bankruptcy back in February. This week, the company announced a sale had been approved to a bidder who plans to wind down operations and sell all of its assets. 

“It might have been the coupons,” said former employee Brian Groth. 

Only speculation remains for Groth who stopped by the store Friday to say goodbye to familiar faces inside. 2,200 Wisconsinites employed by the company will soon lose their jobs.  

“I feel bad because a lot of people put their heart and effort into their job,” Groth said. 

As the end of an era approaches, Bon-Ton said gift cards can only be used for the next ten days, cash cannot be redeemed for gift cards, all sales are final, rewards cards and coupons are no longer valid, but discounts will continue to escalate until the doors close for good. 

“If you see it, you better buy it because you won’t see it again,” Jackson said. 

Bon-Ton said Boston Stores company-wide will remain open for the next 10-12 weeks. A company spokeswoman said there are no set closing dates for stores.