Hundreds of people help move the Bosch Tavern

The 150-ton building had to be moved 25 feet west
Posted at 6:02 PM, Oct 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-08 19:29:22-04
Bosch Tavern has gone through many changes, including a new look and new owners.
On Saturday morning it may have gone through its biggest change yet.
More than 200 people showed up for "Tug the Tavern," pulling on two-inch ropes, moving the 150-ton building over 25 feet west. 
It was feared that not enough people would show up. However, that definitely wasn't the case. There were plenty of hands and lots muscle to move her.
“The young and the old stuck together and did a good job,” said Clotilda Kort.
People tugged and managed to move the Bosch Tavern to its final resting place, clearing the path for the expansion of Highway 100.
“We were actually the first two people on the lot and we just felt like this was such a historical piece of the neighborhood's history,” said Laurie Ganske.
Her husband Gary Ganske said it was an “opportunity of a lifetime.”
Owner Rick Putlitz said it was looking forward to the Tavern new chapter. The Tavern is over a century old the building was eligible for the national register of historic places.
“We were kind of nervous, said Putlitz. "This many people showing up. We thought, wow, it's going to get pulled too hard, pulled off the rails. So it worked out just great." 
It’s also great for Penfield Children’s Center benefitting from the "tug.” WTMJ radio helped spread the word
“He Rick was telling me that he was going to move the bar," WTMJ's Gene Mueller. "And said 'we got to do something' I know I want to do a story on it. He said we got to do a promotion too. We got to do something for charity so I said. you come up with the idea and I'll try to get you a crowd.
The charity did not get to account for how much money was donated on Saturday morning, but they believe over a thousand people showed up – each donating $10.00.
“It helps us provide therapy services, and services to our special care nursery, um it's just amazing,” said Stephanie Shabangu.
The restored Victorian now sits a little further west in Hales Corners.