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Body found along lakefront in Kenosha, police say

Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 23:32:41-04

A body is found washed up on a Lake Michigan beach next to Carthage College. The discovery came almost a week after a teen went missing in Kenosha after jumping off a pier.

Kenosha Police have not identified the body found around 2 p.m. Carthage College student Jimmy Roskopf was outside by the lake when two of his classmates got a security guard to show him the body lying on the beach. 

“At first i was doubting what actually happened. I couldn’t believe it,” said Roskopf.

Kenosha Fire say the body is a male who has been in the water for more than a day. 

People who live in the area say the north pier, where the 17-year-old jumped, is visible from the Carthage College beach. 

“A lot of years ago somebody else had come up missing and they always seem to find them later, ways down because of the current,” said Carole Wright who was walking the Carthage College beach. 

Friends and family of the Indian Trail High School senior gathered tonight to release lanterns in his honor. The teen has been missing since Thursday when he jumped off the pier to take a senior picture for the yearbook. 

The currents were so rough the search was called off the next day.  As family and friends wait for word on the body’s identification, people say their thoughts are with the family. 

“I’m worried for what the family feels,” said Roskopf.

“What all parents or people want is some kind of closure,” said Wright.

The medici examiner has not yet made an identification. Kenosha Police expect to release more information Thursday morning.