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Body cameras catch Milwaukee Police officers rescuing mom and toddler from crash

Posted at 9:16 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 23:12:12-05

Two Milwaukee Police Officers who saved a mother and toddler from a flipped over car struck by a hit-and-run driver are honored by the department. The entire rescue was caught on police body camera. 

Tuesday night, Officer Michael Ward and Officer Thomas Kresa were given the Meritorious Service Award for their efforts.

The two officers were on patrol on Oct. 26, when they saw a car flipping over in front of them. Ward and Kresa ran up to the car. Ward's body camera has his body camera on and rolling. 

He yelled to the driver, "Try to unlock your doors."

A witness told officers another car crashed into them and took off.  The officers didn't know, at first, there was a toddler inside with his mom. 

"It was frantic. I didn't hear a child until she said there was child in the car. But she was pretty frantic," said Kresa.

Officers said it took a few minutes of hitting and kicking the front window to break through. They got in and got the 17-month old boy out. Then grabbed his mother. 

"We are going to take care of him, okay," said Ward as he grabs the boy from his mother.

Officers said they didn't think about it until after that the car could have started on fire as they were helping. 

"In my head I don't know if I was all that calm, but I just wanted to get into the vehicle and make sure everyone was alright," said Ward.

The mother and little boy were taken to the hospital and are okay. Police later caught the driver who hit them.