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Like father, like daughter: Bobbi Stricker selected for WSGA's 'America's #1 golf internship'

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-07 19:39:21-04

Think of the best summer internship or job you've ever had. It's hard to beat the WSGA number one golf internship that is tailor-made for a member of Wisconsin's first family of golf.

"Take photos and video. I'm going to be posting on Instagram and Twitter, making sure I have content there," Bobbi Stricker says.

Bobbi Stricker has what the Wisconsin State Golf Association is calling America's #1 golf internship.

"I just want to showcase the golf we have in Wisconsin," Stricker says.

She'll get to play numerous courses all over the state of Wisconsin this summer. On this day, she'll play Erin Hills with her Mom Nicki, for the very first time.

Poster image - 2021-06-07T183544.559.jpg

"Blows my mind too," Stricker says on never playing Erin Hills before.

Lance Allan of TMJ4 Sports: "Why? Why not?"

"Why haven't I played it? Great question!" Stricker says. "Just quite honestly haven't made the drive, even though it's only like an hour. She's like my best friend. So, she was a no-brainer with my first ask of coming with me. We're just going to have a ton of fun."

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But that doesn't mean it won't be competitive.

Lance Allan: "I asked when the trash talk begins?"

"We gotta play 1 hole first. Usually," Stricker says with a laugh.

Putting stuff on Twitter and Instagram mid-round can be distracting.

"It's hard when you pull out your phone, you kind of get distracted and lose sight of where you are," Stricker says. "So, kind of going to save that until after I'm done for the ride home."

And yes, if the name Stricker sounds familiar, Bobbi is Steve's daughter, who knows the ups and downs of her dad's career.

"It could make me cry, if we talk about it," Stricker says. "Yeah, I'm so proud of him. And just the work ethic. I mean, he's my dad, so other things. Just him as a father. I look up to him in so many other ways than just his golf game. The most positive person I've ever met in my life. Yeah, it's so cool. And to be able to share this Ryder Cup journey with everyone. I mean, he's included everyone in our family, to be a part of it."

No wonder Bobbi wants everyone to be a part of her Wisconsin golf journey this summer.

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