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Blood Center of Wisconsin urging people to donate

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jul 13, 2018

Blood donations typically go down in the summer months but it's worse than it has ever been.

"I've been here for over 30 years and this is the lowest our inventory has ever been," Dr. Jerry Gottschall, Medical Director of the Blood Center of Wisconsin said. "We're low for almost all blood types."

Dr. Gottschall says the Blood Center has less than one day's worth of O Positive and O Negative. They typically have three to six days worth on hand.

"I can't stress enough the critical need right now," Dr. Gottschall said. "We're asking donors to go above and beyond and come in and donate. There is nothing better a person can do than impact the health of another individual. The best way to do that is donating a unit of blood."

There were a handful of donors in the Blood Center on Friday. Most of them are regular donors but felt the need to come out today after hearing about the shortage.

"I thought, well I should make an attempt to get there this week," Diana Stroud of Milwaukee said. 

"I try and do it every two weeks," Pat White of Milwaukee said.

White is a former Sheriff's Deputy. He says he's seen the need for blood first hand. Friday, he was donating platelets.

"It takes about 90 minutes," White said. "But it's 90 minutes that will help someone else and that's what is important."

The Blood Center is extending hours during this weekend during their time of need. For more information on times and where you can donate, you can visit the Blood Center of Wisconsin website.