Blood banks in Wisconsin see big response following Orlando shooting

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 19:26:59-04
Immediately after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, there was an urgent call for blood donors. Calls for help were made on TV and social media and people in Wisconsin were quick to respond.
Fay Spano with the Blood Center of Wisconsin can account for this.
"We had the highest number of online appointments for a  Sunday that we have had in a long time.  I think there were 60 appointments," said Spano. "There's usually 10."
Donors like Katy Pavlik continued to show up early this morning to the Tosa location, ready to give the gift of life.
"It's an easy way to help out to give to somebody. If it helps someone who's part of the tragedy then fantastic.  If it helps someone in Milwaukee that's even better," said Pavlik.
Right now, all the blood donated will stay in Wisconsin.
So many people showed up and donated in Florida, blood banks there are full and that's something donors like Charles Terlinden in Tosa are pleased to hear.
 "It kind of restores your faith in humanity in a time of terrible tragedy," said Terlinden.
The Blood Center of Wisconsin keeps all the blood donations for 46 days. It feeds all the local hospitals first,  but if another state needs the blood, it will be sent out.