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Blast of arctic air follows snowstorm

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 09:21:10-05

As an arctic blast of air is expected to blanket Southeastern Wisconsin over the next few days, people stayed busy clearing snow before the deep freeze sets in.

For Michael Decker, snow means business. He and his coworker at Decker Services were in the middle of 24-hour shift Wednesday clearing what was left from the latest storm. But pushing the snow was only part of the job.

"We got to get all this snow off the ground, get salt down let it melt so we don't have glare ice otherwise, we'll have more problems," said Decker.

Bryan Smith in Whitefish Bay got to work before the impending frigid temperatures.

"I just want to clear it off before it gets nasty tomorrow and it's colder and more dangerous," said Smith.

Captain Dan Tyk with North Shore Fire said now is the time to shovel your nearby fire hydrant.

"As the road salt and stuff gets mixed in to all of that snow its going to create some melting and obviously it's cold out here. It's going to refreeze and you're going to end up with a big icicle around that hydrant," said Tyk.

Tyk said when crews have to dig around a hydrant it takes away precious time they could dedicate to putting out a fire.

As temperatures drop even lower it is important to make sure any pets and elderly neighbors can safely stay warm.