Black Friday shoppers flock area stores Thursday night

Posted at 6:55 AM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 12:41:14-05
The crowds, the chaos, the holiday shopping season is officially here! Black Friday shopping got underway for some on Thanksgiving night.
"If they aren't done eating then I just have to leave," said Anne Espinoza. 
They were all after the same thing, deals.
"I want the best buy for you buck," said Donna Czysz. 
The National Retail Federation. says only about 22-percent of people will shop on Thanksgiving day this year. Despite those estimates there were still lines out the door and around the store at Toys 'R Us on the Milwaukee's south side. And lines that wrapped around the store in Kohl's.
Most places are not even closing until late at night on Black Friday choosing to stay open 30 hours. It allows some people to shop through the night and then some.
"This is a stop one, then we are going to Walmart, then Target, then Kohl's, then we'll go to Gurnee, then we'll go to the outlet mall," said Cindy Oleniczak.
And people know what they are after. One of the hottest toys this year are the hover boards. But they sold out at one store in less than an hour. 
Although "expert," Skylar Kelsi says not so fast.
Now this is what I wanted," said Kelsi showing off his dinosaur. "It came from Jurassic World." 
Though most shoppers  called it quits after one or two stores.
"I need sleep so I am going to go home," said Rose Jounda.
Almost everyone knew what they were doing in the morning.
"We'll be out early tomorrow too," said Donna Czysz.