Bird lovers flock to Sheboygan County for an unusual sight

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 20:16:48-04

People are crowding a site in Sheboygan County to catch an unusual sight, one that is becoming a bird lovers paradise.

A sea of white pelicans has captured the hearts of people like Gary Baumann of Sheboygan.

He admits, "I'm into birds. I've been visiting here twice a day.
Once in the morning and once in the evening."

Baumann is one of hundreds of people flocking near North Point Park in Sheboygan to take in the majestic birds. The pod of pelicans is positively inviting. 

Gary shares, "It's very unusual for around here. I've never seen them before for around this area."

And you don't have to be an ornithologist to appreciate the appealing pelicans. The birds average 16 pounds and have a nine foot wing span. A spectacular image against the canvas of blue water.

Bird enthusiasts know the winged creatures will soon take flight. But for now, humans are perched in Sheboygan to revel in one of nature's many marvels.