Bill Clinton campaigns for wife in Greenfield

Roughly 400 people attended the rally
Posted at 6:40 PM, Oct 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 17:18:08-04
A big day for politics in Wisconsin featured a visit from former president Bill Clinton as he rallied for his wife Hillary Clinton in the Milwaukee area.
Clinton took the stage in front of hundreds inside the IBEW Union Hall in Greenfield Saturday afternoon.
"The most important thing in this election now is getting everybody who's for Hillary out to vote," said Clinton.
Just three minutes into Clinton’s speech, he found out not all in attendance were there in support.
Clinton was cut off mid-sentence by two protesters yelling, “You’re a rapist, Bill Clinton is a rapist!” Many in the crowd booed as the two men were kicked out of the rally.
"Personally I find it very disappointing." said Clinton supporter Alex Gill.
Clinton decided to take the high road in the tense moment.
"They had a bad day yesterday so they're trying to make it up," he said.
The ‘bad day’ Clinton referred to was about the newly released video showing Donald Trump making lewd comments about women back in 2005. Trump has since apologized, but some among the crowd feel that’s not enough.
"I'm a woman, I'm so completely offended not completely surprised by any means but so completely offended," said Barbara Torres.
Throughout Clinton's speech, he never mentioned Trump by name and never went on the attack.
"Any stone unturned is foolish not to use it," said Scott Faltersack.
However, Trump's leaked video wasn't the only negative publicity that made headlines Friday night in the presidential race. Some at the event were curious if Clinton would address another round of leaked emails, this time from Hillary's campaign manager.
"Like anything on the other side we have to address our mistakes and our faults," said Torres.
As the rally wrapped up, Clinton kept to the issues at the forefront of Hillary's campaign. He targeted job creation, secondary education and immigration reform.
Moving forward, another family member and top Clinton surrogate will be making a stop in Wisconsin on Monday. Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to rally for Hillary at the Living Light Community Center at 1:00 p.m. in Racine.