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Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin warns against taking Facebook quizzes

Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 14, 2020

We know you're dying to know which celebrities could be your parents, or what your name really says about you, but you may want to cool it on the Facebook quizzes.

The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin is warning that while many people are cooped up inside, scammers might be stealing personal information through online quizzes.

The questions in some of these quizzes may seem harmless, but they also may be giving scammers access to your other personal accounts. For instance, questions like 'What is your mother's maiden name' might pop up in a quiz. This is also a very common security question for bank and credit card accounts, and answering it can lead to a hack of your accounts or personal financial information.

Not every quiz is a scam, but here are some tips to avoiding being scammed on social media:

  • Be skeptical. Do you trust the brand behind the quiz?
  • Adjust privacy settings. Be strict about the information you share and the people who are allowed to see it.
  • Remove personal details from profile. Don't share your phone number or home address on social media.
  • Don't give answers to common security questions. This includes questions like the street your grew up on, or the name of your high school.
  • Monitor friend requests. Do not accept requests from people you don't know, and be wary of a second friend request from someone you are already connected with.

For more information on scams from the BBB, visit their website.

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