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Babies aren't props: how to keep your infant safe at a newborn photography session

Posted at 8:21 PM, Oct 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-22 23:35:25-04

If the safety of a baby isn’t a part of every pose during a newborn photography session, the infant can get hurt.

Newborn photographer, Jill Velicer, has eight years of experience photographing families and newborns. She follows a safety checklist during her sessions.

Velicer shared some advice with TODAY’S TMJ4.

“Never pushing a baby into a position that's uncomfortable for them,” Velicer said.

“Making sure that they're getting good circulation,” she continued.

How to keep your infant safe at a newborn photography session

Another safety tip: Making sure the baby doesn't overheat or get too cold.

“If the air conditioner is ramped up during your photo session the baby should have an additional layer," said NICU Neonatologist, Dr. Susan Hwang.

Hwang said a photographer should be monitoring a baby's breathing.

“They are at risk of blocking off their airway if they happen to drop their heads,” Hwang continued.

She also recommends keeping a close eye not just on the infant, but those props.

“You notice that babies are on baskets or tables or surrounded by other objects, well you have to make sure that the baby is secure and not going to roll off,” Hwang said.

Velicer recommends checking out a photographer's reviews. She said this isn't a job for amateurs.

“You want to be very careful because you never want to have an accident happen,” Velicer said.

Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International has safety information for those interested in newborn photography.