Survivor marks 4 years since shooting at Azana Spa and Salon

The gunman killed 3 and injured 4
Posted at 12:21 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 13:31:03-04
It's been four years since a gunman entered the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield and shot dead three women. Four others were injured. 
On October 21, 2012, Zina Daniel, Maelyn Lind, and Cary Robuck were killed after Radcliffe Haughton, Daniel's estranged husband, entered the business and opened fire. 
Sarah Maldonado, who was injured while working in the salon that day, said she still remembers everything about the shooting. 
"A lot of that day just replays in my head," Maldonado said. 
She added the days leading up to October 21 each year are particularly difficult. 
"I have a lot of anxiety, and the night before I don't sleep well," Maldonado said. "It's kind of a stir of emotions, because I'm happy about how far I've come in four years, but I'm also sad four years have passed." 
Maldonado was pregnant when she was shot. Her son also survived and is doing well. 
"It's a miracle. I don't know how or why, but we're beyond blessed that we are still here and we're healthy," Maldonado said. 
Maldonado said she still struggles with anxiety and PTSD, especially in large crowds, but she finally returned to working in the last two weeks. 
"Domestic violence is about control, but that situation can't control me anymore," she said. 
Maldonado now works at a different salon. She still attends therapy and is part of a support group for survivors of mass shootings. She's also joined the state of Wisconsin's HOPE Domestic Violence Homicide Response Team. 
HOPE team member Courtney Olson, Executive Director of the Rainbow House domestic violence shelter in Northeastern Wisconsin, said the group was created to provide support for the family members of those killed in domestic violence incidents. 
It's created a website available as a free resource for those impacted by domestic violence.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Olson said it's important advocates inform the public of how many people are lost in domestic incidents each year. 
In 2016, there's been a homicide related to domestic violence once every four days in Wisconsin, Olson said. She said 25 percent of those homicides involve children. Olson said it's important any person who feels threatened by a spouse or partner reach out to a domestic violence shelter immediately. She said a shelter can help a victim with drawing up a safety plan. 
While Maldonado wishes she could forget the details of the October 21, 2012 shooting, she said she hopes the public will continue to honor and remember Daniel, Lind and Robuck, who she considered dear friends. 
"Time his healing, and it makes things a little easier, but also, don't forget about them," Maldonado said. "I just want them to be remembered and not forgotten, and not have this be swept under the rug because it was such a horrible incident."