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Avoiding a talkative Uber driver is now an option in Milwaukee

Posted at 2:10 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 15:10:33-04

MILWAUKEE — Avoiding talkative Uber drivers is now an option for Milwaukee riders.

The company has launched 'Uber Comfort' in the area, a feature that allows passengers to select “quiet preferred” in the app if they are looking to ride in silence. Other options include “happy to chat” or “no preference.”

Selecting Uber Comfort also provides passengers with vehicles that have extra leg room and drivers with higher ratings. The new feature launched Wednesday in 43 cities in the U.S.

But the new luxuries of Uber Comfort aren't for free. Passengers will pay around 20 to 40% more than an average UberX ride, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Experts say that a 'Comfort' ride will still be less than an Uber Black or Uber Select vehicle.

The new “quiet ride” feature has sparked controversy since Uber first began testing it on premium rides in May. Critics believe that it dehumanizes drivers. Supporters say that the feature benefits anxious riders, as well as female passengers who prefer to avoid a potentially uncomfortable conversation with a male driver.

Uber Comfort is available in several cities around the country.