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Augie Pabst prepares for another race at Road America

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-08 23:34:09-04

PLYMOUTH — "Good? Yeah, that's good right there," Augie Pabst says.

For one, Road America is in his blood.

"I've grown up my entire life, hanging on the fences at Road America," Augie Pabst says.

The other, new to the sights and smells, of God's country in Northern Wisconsin.

"Road America even like, you can smell what people are cooking in the infield. I remember last year like, in the middle of a race, smelling what people are cooking in the camp area," Hunter McElrea says.

Do drivers ever wish that there is a competition caution so that you can grab a brat or you can see what people are cooking?

"Maybe, I think after the race goes better. If you have a good result? A nice, celebratory brat is pretty nice, I think," Hunter McElrea says.

Meet Augie Pabst. Yes, that Pabst.

"I am the great-great-grandson of Captain Frederick Pabst," Augie Pabst says.

Pabst's Oconomowoc race team makes him a state and fan favorite.

"We've spent 25, 30 years, more than that, building this to what it is," Pabst says.

His driver? Rising star Hunter McElrea, who won last year.

"Last year was my first time competing in Road America, and ended up actually getting my first win so that was a super special moment for me," McElrea says.

He gives us an inside look at his ride.

"So every time we pull in the pits? If we do say a 5 lap run or something? It'll come up, how many laps we did in the run. And then, you know our best lap time. If anything does get hot, we have an alarm that flashes in your face. And if you miss that then, you really, really need to have some more kind of awareness, because it's really obvious. The button in the bottom right corner, says ACK which stands for acknowledge. And literally all that is, is just to make sure like, if it's a little harmless, annoying warning that you can just clear it," McElrea says.

An impressive organization. And with fans in attendance? Someone to cheer for.

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