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Attempted Elm Grove car theft stopped because thief can't drive stick shift

Thief crashed into garage door
Posted at 8:28 AM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 09:29:56-05

ELM GROVE – An attempted car theft is stopped, thanks to the vehicle’s stick shift. 

A homeowner in Elm Grove left their car unlocked in their front driveway with the keyfob still inside. 

Elm Grove Police say a thief entered the car around 4 a.m. Monday. The thief was able to start the car but didn’t make it too far because they apparently did not know how to drive stick shift. 

The thief ended up crashing the car into the home’s garage door and fled the scene.

Police are again reminding residents to lock their cars. Police report thieves entered two other unlocked cars that same night. Only one person’s purse was stolen but was later recovered in Milwaukee.